What you need to set up a kebab shop

Wednesday, September 05 by Hospitality World Direct

What You Need To Set Up A Kebab Shop - HWD Hospitality World Direct

The kebab has seen a quick rise in popularity in Australia. Many Aussies see it as a perfect late night snack, but really, this wonderful mix of flat bread, meat, sauce and salad is great as anytime snack.

The fact that you can get it from a café or a take-away counter or a food truck makes it a super quick and convenient food choice. No wonder we can’t get enough of kebabs!

If you are looking to start a kebab restaurant, we say go for it! (Please?)

Besides making good and delicious kebabs, there are at least three things to think about before setting up a shop.

Firstly, location. It is always a good idea to have your kebab business located in a place that is accessible, convenient, and, if possible, highly visible.

Then, you have to decide if you want it to be a proper dine-in restaurant, or a take-away counter, or a mobile food van.

Once all that is planned out, it is time to ensure that your shop is properly equipped.

At Hospitality World Direct, we carry a huge range of equipment that can help you set up an efficient kebab shop.

Royston 4 Burner Infrared Vertical Rotisserie - HWD Hospitality World Direct

The Royston 4 Burner Infrared Vertical Rotisserie is designed specifically for ease of use and efficiency. Its high performance burners cook the meat more evenly and faster, to enable you to turn your product around quicker. This makes it ideal for busy shops where quick service is essential. It also has safety features such as a flame failure device incorporating a thermos-electric burner safety cutout.

Cooking Equipment Roband R10 10 Chicken Rotisserie - HWD Hospitality World Direct

The Roband R10 10 Chicken Rotisserie has the capacity to cook up to ten size 18 chickens at once, making it a great choice for small to medium sized outlets. Its spit type rotisserie action ensures an evenly cooked product with minimum shrinkage and weight loss, and the thermos-reflective element technology cooks chickens even faster while keeping them moist. Separate spit controls allow single spit operation in quiet periods to cut consumption. It has stainless steel body, spits and prongs. Cleaning is made easy with the removable doors, front glass and large grease drawer.

Commercial BBQ grill Oxford Series BBQ 2 Burner Hotplate - HWD Hospitality World Direct

The Oxford Series BBQ 2 Burner Hotplate is perfect for any kitchen that cooks chicken, sausages, lamb, steaks and seafood – just like a kebab shop! The unique grill design ensures a perfect sear and cooking result every time. Combining high power and efficiency, the Oxford Series range maximises productivity while ensuring precise cooking. It has a 2 burner BBQ grill with integrated hot plate, and a removable basting rail. The basting bar is spaced at 85mm to suit GN 1/9 pans. It is available in natural gas or LPG.

A commercial deep fryer will also be essential to make those delicious, crispy chips - a firm favourite among kebab shop cusomers.

You can get more information for these items as well as other equipment and products on our website. We also specialise in kebab shop designs and fit outs, so if you need any help, all you have to do is get in touch today!