Different types of commercial dishwashers

Friday, February 22 by Sari French

Different Types Of Commercial Dishwashers

When you’re making plans for a restaurant design or a commercial kitchen fit-out, don’t forget to include considerations for the washing equipment that you would need.

Warewashing is extremely important in foodservice and hospitality establishments. Having clean and properly sanitised products is a major food safety matter. Neglecting the dishes will not just result in poor customer experience, but it may very well shut your restaurant down.

At HWD, we have three types of commercial dishwashers to help you ensure quick and effective warewashing:

Pass Through Dishwashers

A pass through dishwasher is perfect for restaurants that do medium to heavy volume dishwashing. These dishwashers are ideal for busy kitchens as they clean plates up very quickly, although they do use more water and energy than other types of dishwashers. Pass through dishwashers are usually quite tall, but most models are designed to be placed in corners, keeping them out of the busy kitchen traffic.


Brillar Commercial Dishwashers

Brillar Pass Through Washer with Electronic Control Panel

  • Capacity: 40 baskets/hour
  • Continuous cycle up to the manual stop
  • Built-in rinse-aid dispenser, detergent dispenser, and drain pump
  • Anti-backflow valve fitted



Washtech Commercial Dishwashers

Washtech PW3 Wide Body Pass Through Warewasher

  • Sanitises with a high temperature final rinse
  • Triple cycle selection: 2, 4 and 6 minutes
  • Electromechanical controls
  • Counter-sprung for easy action door lift


Under Counter Dishwashers

The under counter dishwasher works well for smaller restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars. These dishwashers are great for compact kitchens that don’t mind cleaning as you go at a slower pace. As its name suggests, under counter dishwashers fit right under the countertop, making them convenient for use in the front of the house.

Under Counter Commercial Dishwashers

  • 3 washing cycles: 60/90/180 seconds
  • Wash pump power: 600w
  • Anti-backflow valve fitted
  • Safety thermostat

Washtech Under Counte Commercial Dishwashers

Washtech TW High Performance Under Counter Warewasher

  • Fits racks and baking trays up to 750mm x 450mm
  • 4 litres per cycle water consumption
  • Ergonomically positioned OneTouch controls
  • Double filtration of wash water



Commercial kitchens, clubs and bars that use a high volume of glassware will benefit from using glasswashers. These dishwashers use a gentle water flow, and do a good job in protecting even the most fragile types of glasses from shattering. Some models come with variable washing pressure adjustment, so sensitive glassware such as fine wine glasses are washed gently, while robust glasses and beer mugs can be washed more vigorously.


Winterhalter Under Counter Glass Commercial Dishwasher

Winterhalter UC-S Under Counter Glass Washer

  • Features the variable washing pressure adjustment VarioPower
  • Able to adapt between regular washing and any special washing
  • Wash pump power: 600w
  • Basket size: 400mm x 400mm

Brillar Glass Commercial Dishwasher

Brillar Glass Washer with Electronic Control Panel

  • 3 washing cycles: 90/120/180 seconds
  • Anti-backflow valve fitted
  • Thermostatically adjusted
  • Safety thermostat and thermostop device


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