Choosing the Right Commercial Deep Fryers

Sunday, September 01 by Sari French

From French fries and onion rings to fried chicken and prawn tempura, most restaurants offer some sort of fried food. As such, deep fryers are undeniably an important equipment for most commercial kitchens.

But, with so many brands and types of gas deep fryers for sale, how do you find one that is right for your business?
Here are a few factors to consider before you make your purchase.

What is your budget?

Commercial deep fryers prices go from $300 to $10,000. That is quite a wide range, and of course, there are a lot of differences in features between the low-priced ones and those at the higher end.

Size is definitely a factor in price, and a large gas deep fryer with a large capacity will cost more than a counter-top fryer. But besides the price of the fryer itself, there are also other costs involved with commercial frying, for example, the oil used for the frying, and whether the fryer is fuelled by gas or electricity.

So, what size do you need?

There are two things you need to consider when choosing the size. Firstly, how big is your kitchen? Should you go for countertop or drop-in models that do not take up floor space, or can you bring in a large gas deep fryer?

You probably will not want to alter your kitchen just to fit in a new commercial deep fryer, so it's best to know exactly how much space you have.

Secondly, how much food do you need to fit in the fryer? Are you a restaurant that serves fried tempura only intermittently? Or do you need to have fries with every dish that goes out through the day?

Commercial Deep Fryers - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

You will need a fryer that can produce food in the quantities you need, without slowing the kitchen down, especially during peak hours.

Gas or electric?

Commercial deep fryers are generally powered by gas or electricity, and sometimes the fuel option is chosen based on the kind of hook-ups already available in the kitchen. However, do remember that some types of fryers may only come in gas-powered models.

Gas deep fryers may be more expensive, but they usually cost less to run in the long term. They are also able to heat up more quickly, and can get to higher temperatures, compared to electric fryers.

Next – what type of fryer do you need?

The type of deep fryer you should go for largely depends on what you want to make.
A tube fryer works best for heavier sediment items, like chicken and fish. These models have a large heat transfer area, which means they offer even heat distribution and good energy efficiency.

For simpler sides like French fries, hash browns or fried vegetables, an open pot fryer should be good enough. These fryers have no tubes or burners in the oil, and are usually gas-powered.

If you do a lot of foods coated in batter or dough, such as doughnuts, tempura, battered meats or onion rings, consider the flat bottom fryer. In these fryers, heating elements are placed underneath the bottom of the fry pot, making the entire surface a heat transfer area.

There are also electric fryers that may suit businesses who don't do a lot of food prep, or with places not set up for gas. Important safety tips to keep in mind

Boiling oil can inflict serious injuries if not handled with proper care. Place your commercial deep fryer away from busy traffic as well as other combustibles in the kitchen. Avoid water when deep frying, and, in the event that there is an oil fire, do not use water to put it out.

Ensure that your staff are well trained in using the fryer, and gloves should be worn at all times when working with the fryer to avoid burns.

Commercial deep fryers should also be located near a vent hood, to stop carbon monoxide from building up.
Now… which commercial deep fryer to go for?

Commercial deep fryers available

We carry a wide range of commercial deep fryer brands including Royston, Woodson, Fryking, Frymaster, Anets, AustHeat and more. Some of our products include:

Royston Single Basket 10 amp Commercial Deep Fryer

Royston commercial deep fryer with single basket - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

The Royston Single Basket Fryer is perfect for kitchens that are limited on space. With this, you can cook on order thanks to the fryer's quick recovery time.

Fryking Single Tank 400mm Electric Tube Fryer

Fryking commercial deep fryer with single tank - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

This single tank electric fryer is an efficient equipment for any restaurant, fast food outlet or café with a large fried food menu. It comes with an advanced thermostatic valve, and also has a over-temperature cut-out device.

Garland GF16FRSE Open Pot Gas Deep Fryer

Garland Commercial deep fryer - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

The Garland Heavy Duty Restaurant Range has a 20 litre capacity, and has been engineered for unmatched performance and durability. It features stainless steel construction with a front rail and backguard.

Mareno ANF98G23 23+23 Litre Double Tank Gas Deep Fryer

Mareno Commercial deep fryer - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

The Mareno Heavy Duty SeriesDeep Fryer will meet the demands of the busiest kitchen. Available in both gas and electric models, these fryers feature 2mm thick deep pressed stainless steel top and user friendly controls.

At HWD, we believe in offering only the best products that are of the highest quality. If you need more information or some extra help in choosing the right fryer for you, get in touch with us!