5 Restaurant Design Tips and Trends

Thursday, January 17 by Sari French

Restaurant Design Tips And Trends - HWD Restaurant Fit Out

It used to be that restaurants were only expected to serve good food. These days, however, it takes a bit more to keep customers happy and, more importantly, returning.

Besides having a delectable menu and top notch service, a restaurant now needs to also be good-looking to make a mark.

Looking to set the stage for a memorable dining experience? Here are some restaurant design tips and trends for you to keep in mind.

Less is more

If you have a small space, it is important to keep things simple so that your restaurant does not feel cluttered or crowded. Cut down on visual noise and do not overdo the décor.

Having said that, minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring and uninteresting. Use colours to liven up your space, whether on walls or furniture. Play with a diverse range of hues, pigments and materials to give your restaurant some interesting details. You can also go for a few statement pieces to make your place stand out.

Light it right

The importance of lighting cannot be emphasised enough. Lighting can set, elevate or completely destroy the ambience in your restaurant. For instance, low lighting helps us relax, and candles up the romantic game.

Stay away from white fluorescent lights, unless you want to be a boring office canteen. Go for decorative lighting fixtures. Use light to provide accents in your space. A bonus point for you if you get lights that make not just your food look good, but your customers too.


Social media is almost an indispensable marketing platform for most businesses these days, but especially so for restaurants and cafés. One of the best ways to increase your business visibility is by getting customers to take photos of their food and the venue, and then sharing them on their socials.

To achieve that, you need to make your space picture-worthy through a gorgeous interior design, interesting tableware, eye-catching furniture, attractive décor, or other stand-out elements.

Restaurant Fit Out Design Tips and Trends - HWD

Don’t forget the storage

Some things need to be stored in the kitchen, like raw perishables. Others, including bin bags and disposable gloves, should be hidden from customers’ view. But not everything needs to be chucked into storage bins and rooms.

Certain foods like cakes and pastries can be displayed in refrigerated glass cases for customers to see. In fact, being able to see goodies like these may very well convince them to order one! Tableware like cups and plates can also be kept in open shelves, serving as décor when not in used.


Restaurant kitchens produce a lot of heat, smoke and smells, more so if you do counterline cooking. Make sure you have proper ventilation designed and set up, and that you are using the right hoods and fans.

Do not skimp on air conditioning. Ensure you have proper heating and cooling systems set in place, to keep your customers comfortable. A warm and stuffy dining space during a hot summer day will definitely leave a bad impression.

Remember, restaurants do not exist merely to feed the hungry tummies anymore; it is now all about the whole package.

If the entire restaurant designing business is a bit overwhelming for you, get in touch with HWD! From design and layout to equipment installation and maintenance, we will handle it all to help you achieve your dream restaurant.

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